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Aware of the fact that companies face new challenges every day, and even more in these times, itxperts was born with a clear aim: To become the technological partner you can trust, being our primary values integrity, resilience and commitment to our customers’ success.

We’ve been in the IT world more than a decade which made us a competitive, professional, and constantly improving team, experts in a wide range of areas and industries.

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Javier Sánchez

Cofounder – CSO/CTO

Hi! I’m Mauricio Ruiz

Cofounder & Creative Director

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Javier Sánchez

Cofounder – CSO/CTO

Hi! I’m Mauricio Ruiz

Cofounder & Creative Director

Hi! I’m Mauricio Ruiz

Cofounder & Creative Director

IT Consulting

Delegate your IT operations and relax

Digital transformation is a must If you want your project/company to remain reliable and resilient. We understand your goals needs, therefore, we plan accordingly, to achieve a smooth transition.

Collaboration and Documentation are also key for business success, and we aim to fulfill strong, collaborative teams by providing the proper communication channels and tools, as well as solid knowledge bases.

We also master Agile and Project Management and help build substantial plans, accomplishing spectacular results. Resiliency, adaptability, smoothness are characteristics of our work.

Managed Helpdesk

Increasing productivity

Help Desk Services are key for proper support to the core business operations. Our Helpdesk team provides excellent user support, accurate recording and processing of end-user service requests, as well as proper documenting.

We provide effective L1-L2 remote support and incident management at a superior level of user satisfaction, while dramatically lowering down costs.

Graphic and Web Design

Is not an option, it’s essential

Websites must not only be visually appealing, but also be tailored for users and search engines.

By combining professional web development and revolutionary graphic design, your company will give the image you have always dreamed of.

Our creativity has no limits, we take care of every detail to create the ideal website for your brand.

Graphic design

Let our creativity and passion inspire you. To create your brand right as you imagine it. Our designs set the trend. Both, online and offline.

Web design

We build web identity that impacts and goes beyond any borders. You can leave the whole process to us: From domains to hosting and email, From the creation of a corporate image to your own web page ready to visit.

Social media

We help you attract more customers and build a good reputation in the market through striking posts and the best customer service.

Cloud Services

Complete security for your business

Our hosting services are the foundations of your company web apps. We are experts on migrations and implementations, being able to assist you whether you are planning to move to the cloud or it is already there.

We have years of experience in a wide range of services, systems, platforms and environments with the major cloud providers.

In addition, we ofer traditional hosting services giving you the freedom to choose the scenario that best fits your company’s needs.


You can rely on us for migrating, maintaining and supporting your cloud and hybrid infrastructure. Providing solid solutions on the main Cloud platforms.

Azure | Google Cloud | AWS

Traditional Hosting

If you are not yet considering Cloud, we offer traditional hosting. With fast servers to cover you company’s needs. The best part? We can take care of everything for you, from domain, emails, to updates and backups.

Web hosting | Email | Backup

Web Services

Did you end up using and maintaining hundreds of different platforms and apps? We can help with that too. We take care of implementing, maintaining and managing your systems.

Office 365 | Google Suite | Migrations, support and administration

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